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Dear Business Owner,

A good samaritan, who knows and loves your business, has forwarded this email to you because you may be struggling in these challenging times.

You should know that real help, from battle-tested experts, entrepreneurs, coaches and consultants is available to you right now — and without cost or obligation. This help comes in the form of books, tools, Master Classes, Courses, and, in some cases, complete training Programs.

All without any cost to you.

Twenty-seven different Business Building Scholarships are waiting for you to claim them. Eleven are full $10,000 Programs — and you can grab as many as you want — without any cost or future obligation.

Just to be clear, 27 is not the total number of Scholarships available — there are 27 Scholarships available per person!!

$172,657 in value in fact.

At the very minimum, The Million Dollar Scholarship Giveaway will award at least one million dollars in Scholarships. Very likely, the final total will be tens of millions — and nothing could make us happier!

The more Scholarships are given away, the more businesses like yours will succeed, particularly in these challenging times.

Before I go into more detail about these Scholarships, let me tell you precisely why 27 leaders, coaches, and consultants are giving away some of their best stuff.

Two reasons, really…

First, these pros want to prove that they can help you by actually helping you! (Now, that’s a novel idea, isn’t it?), and

Second, Scholarships are one way these entrepreneurs find new Clients.

If past experience is any guide, some people will find that the experience of the Scholarship will be so valuable that they consider working with the creator at some point in the future.

Of course, there is no pressure or obligation.

If that sounds fair, read on…

These Scholarships are specifically for business owners and entrepreneurs that want to not only survive these crazy times, but come out thriving. So we’ve called this first time ever event the Survive and Thrive or Crash and Burn Million Dollar Scholarship Giveaway.

This is not some wimpy Giveaway with pdfs and infomercial videos, requiring you to spend money to get any real help.

Every single Scholarship is valuable on its own.

Most are full Programs with coaching calls and accountability partners. But even the courses and books help on their own.

Here’s a taste of what awaits you today:

  1. Green Beret Leadership Program: Training for People Who Want to Succeed – For business leaders that have grown their business to 7 figures and feel like they are overwhelmed with all the actions that happen in the business to keep it running by Otis McGregor, value $10,000;

  2. How to Win Complex Multi-Million Dollar Accounts  – For B2B Sales and Service Professionals looking to Win Large Sales Opportunities by Vernon Brokke, value $10,000;

  3. The WOW! Strategy™ Online Course – A system for advertising, marketing, and sales that will have a consistent flood of your ideal customers, clients, patients, or members running to you and begging to do business with you for Small business owners and entrepreneurs who are looking to earn more profit with less stress by Steve Sipress, value $10,000;

  4. Money Mindset Mastery – Increased income without working harder or longer hours, replace poverty mindset with abundant mindset, have a deep understanding how money works in order to thrive in any economy for ambitious professional women who struggle with money and doubt themselves by Dr. Shannon Tran, value $10,000;

  5. Six Figure Referral Program Academy – Five Referral Systems To Accelerate Word Of Mouth Referrals. Let us help you grow your existing business by leveraging the power of referrals. For new businesses, early stage businesses and established businesses that want to build a solid foundation of accelerated word-of-mouth growth by Tom Matzen, value $10,000;

Like any good Scholarship, these could change your life. And your business.

Properly implemented, these Scholarships have the potential to send your business results into a new trajectory of growth and profitability.

But, only if you use them!

For the month of July, you may choose from the full roster of twenty-eight Scholarships.

So… If you are a business owner or entrepreneur with a strong desire to dramatically improve your results, AND

If you are fully prepared to do the work associated with the Scholarship(s) you choose, THEN I want to reward you for taking action now. Click here. While you have all month to grab these gifts, I’d ask that you do it now… while you are thinking about it.

(I know in this highly distracted Internet world, the moment you leave this email without going to the website, the likelihood of you coming back later is somewhere between slim and none, even with this amazing opportunity being offered to you.)

These Scholarships are being offered to you in good faith by accomplished consultants, trainers, and coaches and the Entrepreneur Empowerment Institute, a global not-for-profit organization that is devoted to helping reverse the failure rate of small businesses across the globe.

In July, you may choose as many gifts as you want without cost or obligation when you visit the Survive and Thrive or Crash and Burn Million Dollar Scholarship Giveaway website.

So what’s the catch?

Once you have chosen the Scholarships that are right for you, we ask that you help spread the word by referring your business colleagues to the Survive and Thrive or Crash and Burn Million Dollar Scholarship Giveaway.

You can do that by forwarding this email to your entrepreneur friends, or you can join our full referral program and win prizes by sending an email to concierge@entrepreneurempowerment.org.

And of course, you can share this in your social media too.

The next step is up to you. Will you click here and claim the keys to your future success?

Or, do you prefer to figure this all out on your own? Let us help you not only survive but thrive.

Seize the day,

Otis McGregor III, CPD, CPC
CEO & Head Coach
Enabling Your Success®
Instagram: @LTO_Enterprises

The Million Dollar Scholarship Giveaway

P.S.  This amazing Scholarship Giveaway runs all July, but you’ll still want to opt in ASAP and select the Scholarships you want by clicking here — the sooner you start, the sooner you’ll see the results you’re looking for. Plus some of the contributors have a limit on how many Scholarships they can accept, so the sooner the better.

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