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As we face the Coronavirus pandemic it is more critical than ever that we
remember core principles of resilient leadership. The COVID-19 outbreak
is going to have resounding and long-lasting impacts. From health and
wellness to economic effects, we will be leading through this crisis even
after the cases of those infected reaches zero. Strong leadership will be
the difference between organizations that sink and those who overcome.
It will shape the reputation of each individual’s ability to lead during
hardship. This free webinar will provide leaders with an archetype for
resilient leadership, as well as a process and tools for leading during a
Sabrina K. Garba is an award-winning cultural strategist and public
speaker who is passionate about creating environments where
people thrive. As the CEO of the Glass Ladder Group, Sabrina is
known for her proven track record in designing and implementing

holistic programs that achieve organizational goals in public, non-
profit and private sectors. A graduate of Georgetown and Howard

University, Sabrina now trains the leaders of tomorrow at
institutions such as the Chicago School of Professional Psychology,
the American University and Dartmouth College.

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