Webinar Available: Top 10 Things Contracting Officers Wish SDVOSBs Knew, But Aren’t Allowed to Tell Them

VETERAN BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT WEBINAR AVAILABLE   Presented by Keith Wichmann, President and Founder of HurtVet Subcontracting, (SDVOSB, Navy Veteran) About this webinar:  The FARs prohibit Contracting Officers (KO) from telling you certain things. Join this webinar to hear Tips, Tricks, and Secrets of understanding the unspoken language of government contracting. Learn the subtleties of reading [...]

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Webinar Available: Work Smarter, Not Harder

Work Smarter, Not Harder webinar available Stop letting your business run you, and run your business. Creating systems can help you become more efficient, saving you time and money. Learn from Time Management Expert, Laura Renner of Freedom Makers the trigger points and tools needed to manage your business. Watch this webinar anytime at: https://register.gotowebinar.com/recording/1195581845000385543?assets=true.  If [...]

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DFAR Cybersecurity Compliance Webinar Powerpoint

If you are working with the Department of Defense (DoD) you will need to know about the DFARS Cybersecurity Changes coming December 31, 2017. If you missed this workshop you can check out the Powerpoint from the webinar to make sure you're ready for the changes. Download Powerpoint: DFARS-Compliance-Webinar_VIB-Network Adam from Haight Bey & Associates answered [...]

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Best Practices for Preparing Responsive Proposals – Part 1

Government agencies use the Request for Proposal process to find the best available solution to their needs at the most competitive price. In competitive bidding, an agency has a duty to reject proposals that are non-responsive or that fail to comply with the invitation to bid in a material way. This promotes objectivity and fairness [...]

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VIB Network Videos

Watch the VIB Network videos to find out more about the organization and how we can help you. Click the photos below to play the video.   VIB Network Introduction Video:             VIB Network - Testimonial video from Dustin Hayes at ProVet Concrete:             VIB [...]

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Business Tip of the Month: Get Out There and Network

Get Out There and Network By Vicki Garcia, Co-Founder Veteran Entrepreneurs Today With the advent of the internet you’d think the "old-fashioned" effectiveness of business networking has been left in the dust. No t true! Face-to-face contact is, and always will be, the number one way to grow your business. I’m currently coaching a veteran [...]

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