AT&T Executive-Level Scholarships Apply today!

Invitation to Apply AT&T proudly offers executive-level scholarships to support and sponsor diverse businesses to thrive and prosper in today’s economy. Scholarships are offered to CEO’s of certified diverse-owned businesses as part of our commitment to making meaningful and measurable contributions to their economic growth.   Apply Today!   1. Tuck - Dartmouth College • [...]

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Webinar Recap: 6% SDVOB Goal in New York State & Why You Should Apply!

  New York State has amazing opportunities for all Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned businesses nationwide! Register to listen to this webinar recap for FREE to learn about the New York State SDVOB Certification Program from Anthony Tomaselli, Office of General Services, Division of Service-Disabled Veterans’ Business Development. Covered in this webinar: * About the New York State 6% [...]

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VIB Network Above & Beyond Awardee Profile – Veteran Business of the Year

And the winner is...Erick Castro of Kana Subsurface Engineering!  The 2018 Veteran Business of the Year was recognized at last year’s banquet dinner under the Space Shuttle Endeavour.  KSE’s dedication to assisting other veteran businesses while remaining focused on their own success deserved this incredible recognition.  President and Veteran Erick Castro graciously accepted the award [...]

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Webinar Recap: What’s the SDVOSB third-party certification all about?

In business we’re always looking for an edge over our competition, can a third-party certification help? In the Veteran business community, there has been a lot of scuttlebutt about third-party SDVOSB/DVBE certification, and if you need it for your business.  Join us for this informative webinar as third-party experts Cami Turcotte and Patricia Richards from [...]

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Webinar Recap: Learn how your SDVOSB, DVBE, VOSB certification can help grow your business

Understanding the benefits a Veteran Certification can help get your business in the door of large corporations. Supplier Diversity expert Heather Cox of Certify My Company presents information on Supplier Diversity and why certified suppliers are an indispensable part of any successful program. This webinar will leave you with actionable tools for achieving certified success [...]

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Webinar Recap: Changes to SAM, Are You Ready?

SAM (System for Award Management) is going through changes. It's getting streamlined to make it more efficient to use. The VIB Network hosted a FREE webinar on August 28th to keep the Veteran business community and advocates updated. This webinar was presented by Christy Hermansen, the project design lead for Christy shared these changes, conducted a live [...]

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Webinar Recap: Top 10 Things Contracting Officers Wish SDVOSBs Knew, But Aren’t Allowed to Tell Them

VETERAN BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT WEBINAR AVAILABLE   Presented by Keith Wichmann, President and Founder of HurtVet Subcontracting, (SDVOSB, Navy Veteran) About this webinar:  The FARs prohibit Contracting Officers (KO) from telling you certain things. Join this webinar to hear Tips, Tricks, and Secrets of understanding the unspoken language of government contracting. Learn the subtleties of reading [...]

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Webinar Recap: Work Smarter, Not Harder

Work Smarter, Not Harder webinar available Stop letting your business run you, and run your business. Creating systems can help you become more efficient, saving you time and money. Learn from Time Management Expert, Laura Renner of Freedom Makers the trigger points and tools needed to manage your business. Watch this webinar anytime at:  If [...]

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Webinar Recap:DFAR Cybersecurity Compliance Webinar Powerpoint

If you are working with the Department of Defense (DoD) you will need to know about the DFARS Cybersecurity Changes coming December 31, 2017. If you missed this workshop you can check out the Powerpoint from the webinar to make sure you're ready for the changes. This webinar was not recorded. Download Powerpoint: DFARS-Compliance-Webinar_VIB-Network Adam from [...]

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