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Sponsorship Opportunities

Your Mission is Our Mission

It has been our experience that the best way we can help veterans in business is to align the mission of our corporate sponsors with our own. When our sponsors are succeeding with their diversity programs, our Network benefits through contract opportunities.

We want to understand the specific needs of our sponsors and tailor business objectives to fit the mission of the VIB Network. We are invested in the success of our sponsors because their mission is our mission.

We will be providing our sponsors with access to a comprehensive database of veteran businesses, SDVOSBs and DVBEs to source suppliers for potential procurement opportunities.

The VIB Network website is constantly being updated to meet the needs of our users. Our goal is to have our website be the first Veteran business, SDVOSB and DVBE Networking platform of its kind. The VIB Network approach is threefold:

  • We’re Data-Driven: The VIB Network website includes a state-of-the-art directory that is 100% data-driven. VIB capabilities, capacities, certifications, keywords and contact information are tracked and updated within our Network Portal and SDVOBs and DVBEs will be verified.
  • Customer Centric: Sponsors have the ability to log in and access not only veteran business information but will soon be able to see reviews and comments from their diversity counterparts at other companies. Our interactive Directory allows sponsors to search for a VIB, and narrow down searches through filters.
  • No Cost for VIBs to join: To ensure our database is comprehensive and includes all-willing veteran companies, we are deferring the cost to our sponsors rather than the veterans. This allows VIBs with smaller marketing budgets to still get on our database without the barrier of start-up/yearly fees.

When the VIB Network website is fully launched, it will be the premier Veteran business database for diversity suppliers. Not only will it include VIB information, but it will also allow for social networking, interaction opportunities, and RFP posting and fulfillment. Our website will be THE place for fulfilling your Veterans In Business requirements.

Training Opportunities

The VIB Network will offer FREE training to all Veteran businesses on topics including Contracts 101, Networking Skills, Government and Utilities Contracting and more through the Entrepreneurial Development Growth and Education (EDGE) program. The technical assistance and skills taught during these sessions are invaluable to the Veteran Business Community.

VIB Outreach Events

Networking and outreach events are an important part of the VIB Network. Being able to meet with key buyers is essential to the growth of Veteran businesses. The VIB Network will host its inaugural conference in Palm Springs, California in the Fall of 2017. Date and location coming soon.

Your Partnership is Priceless

Your financial support and partnership help us continue our mission, and that is what makes us successful. The VIB Network team will conduct quarterly check-ins with your company to ensure we are meeting your needs.

Our Focus is Business, NOT Politics

The VIB Network will always support “veteran friendly” legislation and initiatives, however that is not our primary mission. While other organizations will use sponsorship funds to support offices and initiatives in order to get their name on statewide legislative efforts, the VIB Network will not do that. Your sponsorship goes to support veteran businesses – not lobbyists, legislators, or politicians.

For more information on sponsorship opportunities, please Contact Us or call toll free at 877-270-8426.

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